Episode 34

World After Covid series: Wisdom for Now (Part II) - What's important, Living in the moment, Social connectedness, and Shared humanity


January 18th, 2021

22 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

What one piece of wisdom is important to give to people now to help them make it through the pandemic?

Igor and Charles share and discuss responses given to this critical question by 57 of the world's leading behavioral and social scientists, collected as part of the World After Covid project. Each episode, four responses are selected. This time, the conversation covers themes of what's important, living in the moment, social connectedness, and shared humanity in the midst of the pandemic.

Yukiko Ushida, Professor of Social and Cultural Psychology at the Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University
Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Greater Good Science Center
Wendy Mendes, Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Francisco
Michael Bond, Cross-cultural Social Psychologist

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